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Sexuality is powerful; and has far reaching effects in many aspects of life. My practice is based on the autonomous Science of Sexuality. I witness the healing power of the balanced, good, blissful side of sexuality as well as the dark and destructive side of sexuality when it is misunderstood, ignored and abused. My aim is to provide a safe space to explore and understand the impacts and power of all aspects. 

Did you know, you have Sexual Rights?

Are you part of a Professional Body?​

Yes, I am a registered Professional Member of the Council for Sexual Health Professions NPO (Reg: 2016/199573/08), and a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. I am also a qualified yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa and soon to be a Certified Provider of TRE. I am guided by strict ethical guidelines and a high standard of professional care.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Any problem that prevents someone from enjoying and experiencing sexual satisfaction. Causes can be phycological or physical and examples include, but are not limited to: Low Sexual Desire,Arousal Problems, Premature Ejaculation, 

Painful Intercourse, Sexual Anxiety. The first stop should be your doctor. I then assist with communicating and managing expectations through facilitation of the healing process. 

What do you study to be a Counsellor of Sexuality?

A four year Bachelor of Science in Human Sexuality from the International Academy of Sexology. This is the first step to becoming a Sexologist (Phd level)

What is Breakup/Divorce Therapy?

Did you know that we experience the same stages of grief during a breakup/divorce, that we do when dealing with death? It is one of the most lifechanging experiences known to humankind. Breakup/divorce therapy allows you to work through the emotional process, adapt to your new normal with the goal of ultimately getting your mojo back

What is Relationship Therapy?

Relationship therapy  is as much about self-actualization as it is about the other. So many factors effect and are affected by our intimate relationships. Re-igniting the flame, becoming first time parents, blending families, dealing with infidelity, finding common ground, navigating polyamory to name but a few. 

What sort of Sex Education?

Sex Safety Online

Sexual Abuse Awareness

STD Information

Sexual Consent & Coercion

Domestic Abuse: Physical, Sexual, Mental, Financial, Emotional

LGBTQ++ Support & Awareness

Abortion Support & Awareness

Reproduction Reality

Can you really heal from Sexual Trauma?

Yes, I believe so! Both Men & Women who have experienced traumatic sexual experience have suffered an attack on the very essence of their life; however the power of the human spirit can overcome anything. 

More information on the pandemic of Male Sexual Abuse

What is your position on conversion therapy?

Backed by scientific evidence, I believe conversion "therpay" is abhorrent and criminal. If you, or someone you know is at risk or recovering from this, please get in touch. 

What experience do you have in writing policy for companies?

I have over 15 year experience in operations management & HR roles and have investigated and attended enquiries into a variety of workplace  misconduct. Part of the responsibility of those roles was to write & implement policy, not limited to those affecting sexuality, and to train staff from junior to senior levels.

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