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How can I help?

  • Sex & Anxiety

  • Intimacy Rituals

  • Poor Self Esteem & Low Confidence Coaching

  • Adult Sex Education (and preparing for the "Birds & Bees Talk"

  • Sexting and Online Predators

  • Female & Male Sexual Dysfunctions (Low Sexual Desire, ED, Vaginismus etc)

  • The Truth about Pornography

  • Sexual Grooming & Trafficking

  • Surviving & Thriving after Divorce 

  • Sexual Assault & Victim Rights

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • Gender Dysphoria

  • Past Trauma Healing

  • Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Lifestyle Preferences

  • Sexual Consent & Coercion Education

  • STD Information & Advice

  • Domestic Violence Victim Support (Physical, Sexual, Mental, Financial, Emotional)

  • Abortion Information & Support

  • Relationship Therapy 

  • Navigating Polyamory

  • BDSM Education 

  • The Gender Gap and your Rights

It is important to grow communities of support. This way education and awareness become established and contributes to greater public understanding and acceptance of various issues relating to Sexuality that have otherwise been considered "taboo". 

Specialized Day Workshops and Weekend Retreats happen several times a year. To find out more, please contact me.  I am open to collaborating on events with other health professionals, business owners and private groups.

The following support groups are currently available to join:

Transgender - Public Transition Support (Adult only)

A safe space to dress, express, share and prepare for your public transition. Gatherings include meditation, breathwork, art and yoga.

Transgender - Parent Education & Support (Adult Only)

A safe space to share experiences, understand gender dysphoria and learn more about gender identity. 

Private consultations take place at my practice in Pennington on the South Coast, or online.


To book, I will ask that you complete and return documents with important information which will help me to prepare for your intake consultation. 


Everyone is different; every experience and ever perception of experience is different. I work with individuals to form a plan of action for therapy tailormade to suit their comfort level and requirements. Techniques include CBT as well as elements of Somatic Therapy which may involve Meditation, Breathwork, Movement & Art. 

My approach focusses on (w)holistic wellness, and my scope of work includes issues relating to:

There are powerful benefits to using YOGA in the healing process. 
In the true sense of the word, Yoga means "Union"
It is important to take the time  to face fears, to effectively deal with stress, to mourn, to celebrate, to make decisions, to make peace, and of course to just be. 
When we incorporate movement, breathwork, meditation and Self study, into our healing process, we are working with our whole being. Our body holds memory, we have access to intuition, we are so much more than thoughts and emotions. 
The sum of us, is greater than all our parts. Through Yoga, we find a way to truly experience this. 

Yoga is used in private consultations and in various workshops and events held throughout the year. 
There is also an option to join group Hatha Yoga classes to deepen your personal practice. 
A safe space to explore. 

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