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Individual & Partnered Therapy - What to Expect...


You, as a client, have certain rights and obligations that are important to understand. The goal of therapy is to help you become more aware of your life challenges and yourself. Your therapist facilitates this process by working with you to develop effective, individualized coping skills and facilitate personal growth. It is your responsibility as the client to implement the skills learned in therapy. Every person and every situation is unique. Therefore, each process will also be unique. The role of your therapist is to inform you of various options for treatment and to advise you accordingly. This may involve referring you to other professionals if necessary. You also have the right to ask your therapist questions about their scope of practice and experience.




During the intake session, an assessment will be conducted, and you can expect to discuss your personal history, reasons for seeking help, and yourself in detail. The duration of your first session is usually one to one and a half hours. This allows us to thoroughly explore the problem and context, ensuring a clear understanding of your needs and establishing clear expectations and workable therapy goals. Subsequent sessions are one hour. Depending on your reasons for seeking help, one session may be sufficient. However, therapy is not a quick fix for more complex issues. You may need to make therapy a regular part of your life until you feel confident in applying the tools you learn in therapy to your daily life. The process of therapy is always open to discussion, and it is important that you share your thoughts and feelings about the process with the therapist.

​For relationship therapy, each partner is required to have an individual intake session, prior to partnered sessions.

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