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Bravely, let your intentions be known

Intention setting is about putting a deliberate effort into calling upon experiences you wish to receive in life, after careful and focussed consideration. What do you want from life?

Do you want to lose some extra winter weight?

Do you want to learn to bake?

Do you want to let go of anger/shame/guilt?

Do you want to feel love/acceptance/peace?

Do you want to remove fear and uncertainty?

Do you want to become more confident in your sexuality?

Do you want to explore your sexual preferences?

Do you want to love your body?

Do you want to let go of old ideas?

Whatever your heart desires, know that setting an intention is a message sent beyond your own mind, beyond your human abilities, to a greater energy source vibrating at a level so high that it is powerful enough to manifest intentions, into reality.

Make no mistake, we set unconscious intentions daily using our internal dialogue – hence the old saying “Be Careful What You Wish For”. But something really magical happens when we set conscious, focussed, well- thought-out intentions.

One of my favourite ways to set an intention is to make a ritual out of it. Sometimes it’s nothing elaborate, it may include a few minutes of pranayama or meditation on my yoga mat; other times, I go a bit far out, I light incense or candles, I pick flowers or create some art, maybe colour in, I make the space I am in clear and beautiful, and I write or chant my intentions.

It is important to be clear on and deliberate about the intention you set; and always ensure they are with goodness in mind – both towards yourself and all others. Setting intentions should evoke feelings of peace, joy, happiness, contentment, even if it is sometimes mixed with a bit of nervousness or excitement. This should be a calming, settling process. Trust in the intention you set out, be specific about what you want. This is no time for wishy washy what- ifs and maybes. Be certain, ask for what you want – use specific words, identify your emotions, use images.

Intention setting through a ritual is by no means a religious practise, its not witch craft or airy-fairy, hocus-pocus. If you do feel inclined to incorporate an archetype of your faith, then this can greatly benefit your process if it is an important part of your belief system. For example, if you practice Christianity, you may include Archangel Michael as a protective energy in your ritual; if you practice Hinduism perhaps Lakshmi could be included if you are working on manifesting a home in your ritual.

Psychologically, we respond to ideas which are reinforced through various sounds, images, things and activities. Think back to days of studying – did you ever make a spider diagram or mind map to remember certain things? This visual tool helped you to remember important facts. What about the ABC song you learnt in junior school – I bet you still remember the tune. The sound, tune, rhythm helped the letters to stick in your mind.

Using journaling, mantras, music, movement, breath, a beautiful space – whatever tickles your fancy - helps to reinforce the commitment and integrity of the intentions you set.

There is no right or wrong way to set an intention using a ritual. Just like everything in Sexology, and in life, I prefer to look at it as what way feels good FOR YOU and what doesn’t feel good, FOR YOU. This will vary between all of us.

If you would like to explore intention setting rituals, feel free to get in touch to discuss your thoughts and desires. Rituals can be done individually, with your partner/s or with friends/family.

Lets get creative, have some fun and put powerful messages out to the universe.

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