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Cultivating Self Awareness through


Self-Awareness is the ability to take stock of your life, without judgement, and to integrate that knowledge to your benefit. 

Self-Awareness begins with the study of self; developing tools and confidence to change those things which are with in your control, while accepting those which are not. 

Coaching is a commitment to do the work, to ask questions, to find answers and to learn for the purpose of personal exploration, adventure and growth. In doing so, you can truly live the full experience of being human. 

Why increase your Self-Awareness?

  • Acknowledge and release stuck trauma

  • Identify limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns of behaviour

  • Learn to regulate emotions

  • Move from reactive to active decision making

  • Reduce stress

  • Align your life with your values

  • Improve relationships with those who are important to you

  • Nurture self-esteem & self-confidence

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